“Creating balance between giving and receiving

“Full heartedly, thank you for creating this space to be”

“A truly magical and replenishing experience”

“Every meal is a pure delight”

“I loved every minute of the Equilibrio retreat”

“Informative, educational, relaxing and fun!”

“What a team! Nothing was too much trouble, they worked beautifully together and supported our every move”

“There was always that freedom to participate or retreat.”

“Unbelievably outstanding every single day”

“The best thing I could have done for myself”

Our name ‘Equilibrio’ means balance. As a therapist this means taking time to optimise your own well-being alongside that of your clients. Equilibrio retreats provide you with a chance to do just that: an opportunity to treat yourself; to immerse yourself in a nurturing environment, where you can expand your knowledge in a relaxed, informal setting, learning from & sharing experiences with Special Guest teachers and fellow therapists.

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