Equilibrio Retreats


What is Equilibrio?

Equilibrio is a group of complementary health practitioners living and working in the beautiful mountains of South Spain. We have increasingly come to realise that hardworking therapists need time and space to recharge. In this way we can enrich our own lives and provide the best possible care and support to others – without burning out! We also know how hard it can be to give ourselves permission to do this, so at Equilibrio we combine this ‘me time’ with opportunities to share our skills and learn from one another, through creative workshops, informal discussions and treatments to encourage
Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

We Provide

We provide you with a retreat from everyday life, where you can recharge, rejuvenate and inspire your mind, body and spirit.

We Offer

We offer you a unique & nurturing experience at exceptional value to encourage your Continuing Professional Development (CPD points are awarded).

We Support

We support you – the providers of complementary therapies – to maintain your health and well-being and feed your passion for your work.

We Share

We share with you our skills and create a fertile learning environment, through creative workshops, discussions and treatments.

Our History

It All Began when a group of therapists entered a raffle to win a weeks holiday for 6 people, with the idea that they would spend the week relaxing, eating good food, sharing their skills and learning new ones and swapping treatments with each other The raffle prize was won by someone else, but the idea was so brilliant that they decided to make it happen anyway, and Equilibrio Retreats for Therapists was formed.

Following the success of their first few events, the Equilibrio team have realised that they have something really special and they want to share it with a broader audience: With the generous support of their friends, family and colleagues, Equilibrio now offer their wonderful retreats to You, to nourish and inspire You.

We invite you to recalibrate your balance of giving and receiving.

Our Team

Equilibrio is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team using all our skills and knowledge to create the magic of Equilibrio.

Sisters Anna and Jane Bartholomew, founder members and developers of Equilibrio, will be your hosts and facilitators during your retreat. Their role is to make sure your whole experience is as rewarding as it can possibly be. They are also available to make treatment swaps and share skills with all the Equilibrio guests.

Jane Bartholomew

Anna Bartholomew

The logo for Equilibrio Retreats

Special Guest

At each retreat they are joined by a Special Guest reflexologist, a teacher chosen for their passion and experience. Workshop leaders and therapists are then carefully chosen to complement the themes brought by the Special Guest, to create a full and rounded holistic learning experience.