Equilibrio Retreats


You can read what our past participants have to say about Equilibrio Retreats below.

"I felt very welcomed and nurtured during my stay. Thank you for a wonderful retreat. I have learnt so much and although there were many workshop sessions it didn’t feel too much at all, as all the workshops were so good – I felt I had enough free time."

"I really enjoyed the Equilibrio retreat very much. So many interesting people and all very professional. I had some great exchanges and the place is also beautiful. Also I enjoyed the workshops and yoga classes."

"This is my first retreat it will be difficult to experience the same level or high standard and attention to detail at any other."

"Equilibrio family are simply amazing. You have done a brilliant week. Equilibrio retreats are fantastic and I will highly recommend you."

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"Everything is magical at Equilibrio retreat. The beautiful venue in the stunning landscape, the delicious and healthy food, the open and friendly therapists. It was a truly amazing experience. I’d go again."

"For me the Equilibrio retreat I attended was timely and deeply effective for my healing process. Learning how to receive is an ongoing process. I shall definitely be coming back."

"You put your heart and soul into everything. Thank you for a wonderful experience (again). We love you Equilibrio."

"What I found particularly useful is that each day was filled with interesting subjects to learn from, warm exchanges, highly nutritious and tasty food and that there was always that freedom to participate or retreat."

"I would highly recommend, both from a personal relaxation point of view and the sheer amount of knowledge and confidence you come away with. It is quite simply a life changing retreat like no other and worth every penny."

"I loved every minute of the Equilibrio retreat…it felt wonderful to feed each other all the wonderful insights and skills everyone had to share. The level of loving kindness, authenticity and awareness was deeply nourishing company to be in and created a lot of laughter and unexpected feelings of pure joy!"

"Just the right balance. No wonder people love it and come back for more."

"I really didn’t know what to expect from the retreat and have loved every minute of it. I feel happier healthier, totally relaxed and ready to try out new techniques."

"Informative, educational, relaxing and fun! In a beautiful and tranquil location. I would definitely go again!"

"With regards to the techniques, well, I’ve been booked solid since my return and am so grateful for learning new techniques. I admit that I was feeling quite despondent regarding the future of my new career, and rather feel that I have been saved!!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your retreats are so wonderfully restorative… so grateful"

"Don’t miss this! I was there in September and it was the experience of a lifetime for me. I learned so much…and my clients have noticed the difference. Apart from the learning, the people who run it are just lovely. As much support as you want…. and… LOADS of fun too!"