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Frequently Asked Questions2018-02-18T22:15:38+00:00
Not Included in the Price2018-02-18T18:09:28+00:00
  • Flights and transfers to and from The House of Light retreat centre.
  • Activities such as horse riding or beach trips which we can arrange for an additional cost.
Included in the price2018-02-18T18:07:59+00:00
  • Daily yoga and guided meditation, workshops, supported treatment exchange, two bodywork therapy sessions,
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Unlimited use of the retreat facilities.
Are yoga classes suitable for beginners?2018-02-18T18:06:48+00:00

Classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Beginners are always welcome and experienced yogis will be able to connect more deeply to their awareness of inner stillness within movement.

Teaching: Clear precise yoga instruction is in English.

Number of classes: 1 per day

What do I need to bring for the treatment exchanges?2018-02-18T18:05:35+00:00

We will provide everything you need, towels, cream and client record forms but if you have a particular cream or oil you use you may wish to bring this with you. You can bring 100ml of cream or oil in your hand luggage.

You must be a qualified to take part in the exchanges. Please contact us directly if you are unsure if your qualifications are valid.

Do I need to bring anything for the workshops?2018-02-18T18:04:08+00:00

A notebook and pen may be useful.

My partner/ friend wants to come but is not a therapist is that ok?2018-02-18T18:02:56+00:00

Yes, your friend is welcome to attend though you should inform them that the focus of the retreat is primarily CPD plus relaxation. Friends are welcome to join in all activities except the treatment exchanges.

Guest Profile2018-02-18T18:01:43+00:00

We welcome all nationalities, all ages, all genders. The balance between women & men / singles & couples varies from week to week, but generally more women than men and more singles than couples.

Payment Currency2018-02-18T18:00:11+00:00

Our prices are in pounds, but you can pay in other currencies. It is your responsibility to calculate the equivalent amount in euros. We will notify you if there is a discrepancy.


Your £300 deposit secures your place on the retreat you have chosen.

You may cancel your booking at any time, providing that the cancellation is made by you and is notified to us in writing. Cancellation will take effect the day such notification is received by us. As this incurs administrative costs, returned payments are subject to a £50 pound handling charge. In addition, if such cancellation is made less than 40 days before the start of the retreat, we will retain 50% of the cost of the retreat. However, if we can arrange for another person to take your place, then we will happily offer you a full refund minus the £50 handling charge. Refunds and returned payments are normally settled within 10 working days of the date of cancellation.

In the unlikely event the retreat you have booked on being cancelled we would offer a full refund of monies paid to us.

For your additional peace of mind, we request that you take out travel insurance which covers the activity of this retreat as well as unexpected cancellation, sickness, losses and all the usual risks. You should bring the policy with you in case of an emergency.

Late Arrival / Early Departure2018-02-18T17:55:31+00:00

Each retreat program has a fixed cost and duration and we encourage you to participate in the full program. There are no refunds for missed days / hours.

What should I bring?2018-02-18T17:54:19+00:00
  • in summer bring light clothing, sunglasses, UV skin protection, a wrap or shawl for meditation,
  • in winter be sure to bring a warm jacket and slippers and gloves and a hat for cool evenings, but also bring shorts and sandals in case it’s really warm,
  • you can plug your iPod into the sound system in the living room,
  • you can connect your laptop with our free wi-fi internet,
  • mobile phone reception is very good here, but we ask you to use your phone sparingly and quietly away from other guests.
Do I need to wear a swimsuit in the pool/sauna?2018-02-18T17:52:28+00:00

Guests generally wear swimwear in & around the pool, but you may go topless if you wish.

What is the climate like?2018-02-18T17:51:15+00:00

Average temperatures: spring 20 ºC, summer 30 ºC, autumn 20 ºC, winter 10 ºC

Are there mosquito nets in the bedrooms?2018-02-18T17:49:04+00:00


Are there mosquitos?2018-02-18T17:47:49+00:00

A few in summer, but there is no stagnant water and no marshland in the immediate area. A light repellant in the evening will usually suffice.

Can I bring my hair dryer?2018-02-18T17:46:36+00:00

We respectfully ask that you leave hair dryers and straighteners or travel kettles at home, as they tend to trip out the electricity supply.

Do bathrooms have showers or baths?2018-02-18T17:45:32+00:00

All bathrooms have showers. House of Light retreat centre has rooms with ensuite or shared bathroom facilities.

What’s the accommodation like?2018-02-18T17:44:16+00:00

Accommodation is in shared rooms, either in the beautiful stone built houses or secluded cob house, wooden house, or man-made cave (single supplement is an option). All bedrooms have comfy beds and quality bedlinen. Rooms are cleaned daily and towels changed midweek. See Venue.

Do you cater for special diets?2018-02-18T17:40:33+00:00

We will endeavor to cater for special diets. Please inform Equilibrio in writing before you book and we will let you know what is possible.

Do you cater for allergies?2018-02-18T17:39:19+00:00

Please inform Equilibrio in writing of any ingredients that would cause you to have a serious allergic reaction. There’s not much we can do about olive pollen, as we are located in an olive growing area – the main pollen period is from April to June. If that is an issue for you, we recommend you consult your homeopath for a remedy before you arrive.

Will I get enough protein?2018-02-18T17:38:28+00:00

Yes, our cuisine contains a balanced amount of dietary protein in vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, avocados and some cheese (feta, mozzarella, goat’s).

Is there any meat?2018-02-18T17:36:58+00:00

100% vegetarian menu. No meat.

Is there any alcohol?2018-02-18T17:35:54+00:00

We don’t provide alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. There are shops, bars and restaurants in the local town that serve alcohol.

What about Coffee?2018-02-18T17:34:32+00:00

Although we encourage you to give up coffee during your stay with us, coffee is available on request.

Can Equilibrio arrange a car to collect me from the airport and take me back?2018-02-18T17:24:37+00:00

Yes. See Travel for more details.

Should I book my return taxi before I arrive?2018-02-18T17:23:13+00:00

No, please book it during your stay.

Can I get to the Hidden Paradise by public bus?2018-02-18T17:22:14+00:00

You can get to Orgiva by bus and we will pick you up from there.

Can I get to by train?2018-02-18T17:21:10+00:00

A train stops in Granada, then you can continue to Orgiva either by public bus or a transfer by car. Contact us to arrange this.

How do I arrange a pick-up if I’m too late for the group transfer?2018-02-18T17:20:03+00:00

Please forward your flight itinerary to and we will arrange a car to meet you.


A cabin bag should be plenty for your stay. Pack lightly, especially in the summer.

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